Jamaica Hash House Harriers

The Jamaica Hash House Harriers, commonly and affectionately known as JAH3, is a social organisation (like so many others around the globe) that dedicate their spare time to hiking, exploring, socialising and drinking!

Found worldwide HHH organisations commonly exist where ex-pats have been and needed an excuse to explore the countryside and meet up for some socialising. JAH3 is no exception and has been indulging in runs for nearly 20 years. Their new site is an updated, neat and uniform format that seamlessly blends a WordPress template and tailored php with plenty of data, facts, forms and information to keep the hundreds of people that have partaken even happier!

18 years of paper and excel records were all converted into database formats and mysqli queries have been built to provide a stable, secure and reliable store for future information, hopefully for many more years. Event registration, email generation and attendance verification are just some of the key functions, along with photo album linking, car pooling sections and the like that are user friendly functions that all can access.

It also includes a substantial admin section that will help spread the workload of the organisations organisers by allowing all members to contribute, in a safe and secure manner, thus reducing the strain placed on the dedicated few.


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